Monday, October 22, 2007

Tonight's Bourbon

Stopped at the local Bev Mo this eve to pick up some firewood to try out the new fire pit I built in the backyard. As usual, found myself wandering down the Bourbon aisle, perusing all the lovely, amber colored bottles on the shelf, listening to their plaintive cries...oh, sweet sirens, wicked temptresses, I long to free you all from your bondage!

Anyhoo, a bottle of 12-year old Elijah Craig just happened to fall into my basket and come home with me. Don't know how that happened, really...

I must say, a fine spirit, especially at it's price point (low $20's).

Beautiful color, one of the prettiest amber-oranges I've ever seen, terrific bouquet (like a good woman: sweet like honey, but with a hint she just might hurt you if you're lucky), and not bad on the palette at all - starts sweet, almost too sweet, but quickly hits you with a fist full of pepper and burns all the way down. But the burn goes quickly; not too harsh and not for too long. Makes you want to come back right away.

Just like a good woman.

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